The Do’s And Don’ts of Garden Maintenance in the Seasons of Sydney

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Garden Maintenance in the Seasons of Sydney

Sydney’s hot summers plus wet autumns and winters are indeed great for many species of plants. However, for its unique climate, regular garden maintenance in Sydney regimes is necessary. Whether you are a first-time gardener or a vegetation veteran, the overabundance of maintenance tasks always leaves enough room for making mistakes.

But you have just got lucky because professional landscapers are here to help! So that you do not get confused, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts regarding garden maintenance in Sydney during spring and summer. Following this will surely help you cultivate a garden and keep it flourishing across the seasons.


How to keep it Flourishing

Spring is ideal for Revegetation, tree planting, and sowing seeds. It gives you a lot of time to prep your soil and beds properly while allowing your plants long season to grow, get mature, bloom, and seed before winter arrives. You can sow hardy perennials, annuals, and vegetables outside while keeping those more delicate plants, such as tomatoes and aubergines, indoors.

Also, spring is the ideal time of tree planting and pruning for several plants. It would help if you pruned roses before it gets a new growth. It will help them strengthen and produce larger blooms. It would be best to cut back the evergreen shrubs since it will help their bases grow. Springtime is mulching time, and it increases the moisture level in the soil as the temperature rises apart. Also, it suppresses weed growth while protecting your earth from erosion.

What not to do?

Avoid applying a too thick layer of mulch, or else your seedlings will struggle to break the surface. A layer 10 centimeters wide works well. But make sure that you do not touch the crown of your plants.

Even though the lawn may be long and lush, avoid mowing too soon. If it is not unruly, cut it at a third of the height of your blades. Or else, you will stress out the grass and shortening their root.


What You Should Do

Consider fertilising your lawn early in summer. It will help in dealing with the scorching temperatures and potential droughts of Sydney. After mowing, leave the clippings right on your property since these will release essential stored nutrients into the soil at the time of decomposition. Also, this is the most suitable time to pull weeds while seeding. This will prevent the weeds from causing any trouble.

Hedging and pruning spring-flowering shrubs, removing withering flowers, and cutting down the herbaceous perennials will foster the growth of the new flowers.

What you should not do

Avoid mowing your lawn too short. It is because longer grounds are more protected from harsh sunlight. Also, these grow deeper roots that allow them to have better access to nutrients and water.

Another thing to remember is that you should not be watering your garden when the sun is high and blazing. It is because it is way, the water will evaporate faster instead of being absorbed. Water your garden in the evening.

So, here it was all about the spring and summer garden maintenance in Sydney. We will discuss the autumn and winter garden maintenance dos and don’ts in another blog. So, keep in touch!!

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